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This was one of my favorite things, even though it’s not really from the Harry Potter universe. It was concept I came up with myself and I’ll admit, I’m pretty proud of it. I was so happy that it turned out the way I envisioned it too!

So it’s a special potions jar made to look like it contains live, glowing jellyfish!

I started with a giant jar of pickles. If you don’t love pickles as much as I do, you’ll either have to give them to a friend or you can try going to Goodwill and looking for large glass jars there. It didn’t take me long to mow my way through this bad boy right here though.pickle jar

The next step is to soak off the label and clean the jar. Then you’ll need a special drill bit that works on glass. You can find one at most hardware stores and they can be a little pricey so try asking around first. But make sure it’s the kind specifically for glass or it won’t work. Trust me!

I took a piece of painters tape and cut a whole just a little bigger than my drill bit and placed it over the spot I wanted to drill. his is a precaution to keep the glass from cracking out but hopefully you won’t need it because those jars aren’t easy to come by. You can practice on a smaller jar if you want. I did a test run on a spaghetti jar and that’s how I learned a regular drill bit won’t work.

I chose a spot near the bottom but above the curved part of the jar because that part is thicker and harder to drill through. The key is to go slow and don’t press too hard. This was a learning experience for me because the first time with my special drill bit I pressed too hard and broke my jar which I smartly (aka stupidly) had between my legs. Guess where the shards of glass went. Ouch!

So don’t go fast and don’t press too hard but you will have to give some pressure to get through the glass. Also remember that that drill bit is gonna heat up the glass so don’t put anything cold on it until it’s cooled or the glass will crack. And that would be the worst if you took all that care and you got your hole drilled only to have it crack after all that effort.

Now I had to wiggle my drill bit a little to make the hole large enough to fit my tube through. I used the air tube from an old fish tank I had. The tube fit snuggly in the hole which was nice, but it’s not enough by itself, you still have to seal it. I purchased some special sealant, again, fish tank quality sealant like they’d use to seal fish tanks or boats. Something that will work even when submersed in water. I found it at my local hardware store. Don’t be shy to ask for help in finding the right sealant.

My tube protruded about an inch into the jar but you can do more if you want the air to bubble up into the middle. That might actually work better but mine turned out alright too.

After the sealant was dry, I put in my jellyfish. They attach by a suction cup to the bottom of the jar and are held in place by fishing line. They react to black lights and they are super fun! I put in my large pebbles, which also are black light sensitive. They did an awesome job covering up my hose and the suction cups.

I spray painted the jar lid. Choose whatever color your little heart desires. Then filled my jar with water, put on the lid (once it was dry of course) and turned on my air pump and black light.

And viola!

jellyfish potions jar

I’m thinking about keeping it up all the time, it just looks so great!

Let me know if you have any questions or if you’re brave enough to give this one a try. The effort is totally worth it!