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Today’s project is once again about books. I mentioned in my previous post about books that I found another book project that I really wanted to try. This is that project! To see the other books I’ve done, click HERE.

I started with an old book I got from the re-sale section of my local library. I found one that was large and nice and thick. I figured the Hogwarts A History would be a thick one but you’re welcome to use any size book you like.

I printed off an outline of Hogwarts and the lettering I liked after I got it sized to fit my book. I taped the print outs to my book with painter’s tape.Hogwarts a History Book Tracing Step

Then I took my Exact-O knife and traced the outline and the letters. I thought that would be the best way to do it since my book’s cover was nice and thick and super shiny. If your book is more of a paper-type surface you can always do the pencil shading method. For that you just cover the entire part to be traced with pencil markings then flip it over and trace the outline, pressing hard enough so the shading transfers onto your surface.

But since my book surface was shiny, I didn’t think the pencil shading would transfer so I decided to use my knife instead. The cuts won’t be seen once your done so I wasn’t super worried about it.Hogwarts a History Hot Glue Step

After tracing all my lines, I then took my hot glue gun and traced the lines I cut with glue.

It’s hard to see because the glue sticks I used, dry clear. You can use glue that doesn’t dry clear if you want, you won’t see the glue once you’re done. But you do need to use hot glue because it gives a nice bump which is what you need.

Next I took a piece of white tissue paper (I’ve also read you can use a wet paper towel instead.) and used some mod podge to stick the book cover. Work a little at a time so you can be sure to get the paper into all the nooks and crannies as best you can. Don’t worry about the paper wrinkling though, these are actually a good thing and will make your book look awesome after you’re done.

Hogwarts a History Book Shoe Polish StepAfter it was dry, I painted it white for a base. Once the paint was dry, I took some black shoe polish and rubbed it all over the cover until every part of it was an aged, grey color. I used a Q-Tip to get the polish into all the smaller spots that my rag couldn’t reach. I let it sit for a few minutes and then wiped off the excess. Then I let it dry.

I did one side at a time and let it dry, then worked on the other side and let it dry. It takes a whole lot of drying time so make sure you factor that in. It’s something that’s easy but takes a while to do. Once the polish was dry I took my gold Rub-N-Buff to rub onto the parts that were bumped up from the glue. I used a Q-tip, though you can use your finger or a paint brush. I rubbed a couple layers on until it was the color I wanted. I let it dry and then I rubbed the side page/edges with tea bags to help age the paper. One last drying time and it’s finally finished!

Hogwarts a History Book Completed