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I have always had a weird way of thinking. I don’t see things the way many people do. Though that makes things hard when I’m trying to explain things to other people but it helps me think of solutions and ideas that are outside the box. I have a crazy imagination that lets me see all kinds of possibilities where others might only see mundane things. I especially love to repurpose items. Taking something old and turning it into something new.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as a fresh coat of paint. Here are a couple items I found super cheap at the local Goodwill store. I slapped on some new paint and they will now fit perfectly into my Harry Potter theme. (Or other types of parties or even just home décor.)

Candlesticks before and after On the left are the before pictures and on the right are the after pictures. With the right spray paint, you can drastically change ugly old metal into shinny silver or strange orangey-copper colors into lustrous bronze pieces. If you’re having and adult party, you can get real candles to fit these candle holders. But since this will be for a children’s party, I’ve opted for the electronic variety.

I have been collecting electronic tea lights for a while now for another project I’m working on that I will share in another post. So I have some that I can use for the spiral holder. (I got a lot of them at Hobby Lobby, I combined a coupon for like 10% off and waited until the candles went on sale and got a huge pack of them for cheaper than anywhere else AND they came with extra batteries. Score!) I ordered ones for the silver candlesticks from my favorite Amazon!

Silver Candle Holder with Candles

Another thing that I purchased for not a lot of money, was a bird cage. I found a really great old-fashioned trunk to set up for my Hogwarts Express display. And no Hogwart’s luggage would be complete without a cage for an owl to go with it! Bird Cage before and afterSo I scoured Facebook, yes, Facebook looking for one. I chose FB because there seems to be a “buy, sell, trade” group for almost every city/area in North America. Or you can try local garage sale groups and check out local garage sales for this item. They have those groups on FB too. I put out the word that I was looking for a round birdcage and posted a picture of one I found online that I really loved, just to give an example of what I was looking for.

The picture helped because I was contacted by a lady that had one exactly like the picture I posted! It was a little worse for wear in the color department, but a couple coats of spray paint later and it looked as good as new!

The last repurposing project I’m going to talk about in this post is my “scales” project. Someone online was talking about how they made theirs so of course I had to try it. It’s how I turned this:

Scales before pic 1

Hanger for scale before







Into this:

Scales pic after

I found the old, wooden candlestick at Goodwill for cheap, cheap, cheap. I just picked one that had a nice wide, flat top that I thought would look good painted gold. A couple layers of spray paint later and it was ready to go.

I took one of my fellas’ plethora of hard, foam Nerf balls and glued it to the top of a plastic hanger with the top hook cut off. I wanted something lightweight so it would stay on the hanger when I glued it and not be too heavy for the glue to hold. I also knew the foam would hold the paint better than plastic would. Spray-paint can sometimes slide off of plastic making it look crummy.Scales before pic 2

I thought the plastic hanger looked a little too much like a plastic hanger so I modified it a bit by cutting off the tabs that hold shirt straps in place, leaving just the open part you can see in the picture below. Then I took my crafting, soldering iron and melted some of the plastic edges down. After I spray painted it gold, it made it look more like hammered metal instead of a plastic hanger.

Hanger for scale painted

Then I scoured the dollar store looking for small plastic disks I could use for the part that holds whatever you’re weighing. I ended up buying some plastic “Champaign” cups because the bases were detachable. The circles were the perfect size. I melted three holes equidistant near the outer edge for my chain to go through. I used my soldering iron because it was the easiest/quickest way I knew to make the holes and they looked nice and round when I was done, versus jagged like they might look had I tried to cut the holes with a knife or something. Then I spray painted them gold.

Disk for scale not painted Disk for scale spray painted





Lastly I found the chain at Walmart in the crafting section. I measured my length out and then spray painted them gold so they would match the gold on the rest of the piece and I attached the chain to the disks, hung the disks on the hanger and set the hanger on the candlestick. If you want to glue down the hanger and/or the chains you can do so. I just knew I will have to store mine for a while so it was easier for me to leave it all un-glued for the time being. I might glue it later, but it’s pretty solid without the glue so I’m not super worried about it.

Scales pic with gold and jewels


Here’s the final product!


Hope you are getting a lot of good ideas. Let me know if there’s something you’d like to see me make. I’m always on the look out for new ideas. I’ve still got more in my bag of tricks though too so stay tuned!