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For my post today, I will be showing you some of the fun paper projects I’ve done. The first are “shopping packages.” I scoured the internet looking for logos of shops in Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. I printed these out in various sizes on sticker paper. Then cut them out.

Next, I had a roll of brown packing paper which was perfect for wrapping empty boxes to look like shopping packages. I purchased a roll of twine from Walmart because there are just oh so many things you can do with twine. I used some of the twine in my post about making Daily Prophets and there have been a number of other projects I have or will be using it for so it was definitely a good investment! I used the twine to tie around the boxes I wrapped in brown paper. I hot glued the twine bows on these like I did with the Daily Prophets because I just know someone is going to try to untie them.

IMG_20150502_185431Then I placed my stickers in various places on the boxes. Now I have some great decorations for the party and they were super easy to make.

I’ve been thinking of putting them near my Diagon Alley set-up or I was also thinking perhaps I will put them in an “Owlery” display. I haven’t decided for sure yet so you will just have to wait and see what I ultimately decide to do, when I post pictures from the party. 🙂


But here’s an example of what it might look like.

Trip to Diagon Alley


I also made my own copy Mauraders Map of the Maurader’s Map. I found the print out on the Harry Potter Paraphernalia Blog. After printing it out and cutting it per the instructions given with it, I then stained it. To learn how I tea-stain paper to make it appear aged, check out my post on making your own Daily Prophets. After they were stained, I glued the pages together and folded it where instructed. The finished product looked pretty cool though it is a bit on the small side. I couldn’t enlarge the file without making it too pixelated. But it still looks great (and I plan on buying one at Harry Potter World when we go there) so I wasn’t too worried about it.

Next I did a spell book which was also super easy. Spell book completed I found the printable file on the Blue Cricket Design Blog and printed it off, then cut the sheets out. There are so many different ways you can bind them so you can be creative and do whatever your pretty, little heart desires. For me, I found these cute plastic photo albums in the clearance section at Walmart. Score! So I bought a few to make them up. I thought about making a book for each of the kiddos but I’m not sure yet how many people will be coming so I just made a couple for the birthday boys. It’s in heavy duty plastic so I know it will hold up well when they pass it around for all their friends to borrow at the party.

I also made about six of these boxes. Bertie Botts Candy Holders I found the printable file from the Uniquely Grace Blog if you’d like to print your own. I printed them off on white cardstock and cut them out. I might make more, I haven’t decided yet. It would be cool to have one for each of the kiddos but I’m not sure how many will be attending so I don’t know if I really want to make 40+ of these things only to have 10 kids show up. They look amazing though so I had to at least make a few if only for decoration. 🙂

For the plastic in the “windows,” I cut out plastic from items I’ve been hording for a while now. Ever since I started planning this party I’ve been collecting items that would normally go in our recycling bin: boxes, thick plastic wrappers from packages, glass jars, did I mention boxes? So I cut out some plastic squares from the plastic I’ve been scavenging and glued them to the boxes before I glued the boxes together.

*Note, I will be putting jelly beans in the boxes but since I used glue (even though it’s non-toxic) I will be putting the jelly beans into little plastic baggies first just cause I’d feel weird about it otherwise.

HP Goodie Bag The last thing I will show you today is an example of the goodie bag I will be using for the party. I saw them and just had to do them!

For these, I made my own stencils. I’m  pretty terrible at drawing so I didn’t trust myself to do it free-hand. I created four separate stencils, 1) the hair, 2) the scar, 3) the glasses, and 4) the scarf. I made them out of cardstock to give them some substance. You could even consider cardboard because mine looked pretty worse for wear by the time I was done.

I traced the stencils onto my bags. Then I just colored them in. It was a bit time consuming but I worked on them while I caught up on some of my favorite shows on Netflix so it was pretty fun for me actually. And now all my goodie bags are just waiting to be filled with fun goodies!

That’s what I’ve got for you today! Thanks for stopping by.