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Ok, today I will be talking about how I made my Daily Prophets and Quibbler magazines. Quibbler Magazine DoneDaily Prophet 6

Daily Prophet 1


I printed out the Quibblers and the Daily Prophets from RPF, user Hinkypunk has a number of them. It’s free to sign up and they have so many great things on there. Just click the “Costumes & Props” drop down link. Then click on “Replica Paper Props” and you can do a specific search (try “Harry Potter) there just for paper items. That’s how I found my Quibblers and Prophets.

For the Quibblers, Quibbler Magazine Inside I just took some old magazines (my kids get Adventure Odessey magazines and I used those) and cut them down to fit inside the Quibbler covers. Then I glued the covers to the cover of the magazine. Finally I mod podged the cover. Super simple and they look so fun!

For the Daily Prophets, those were a lot more involved. Those I stained with tea which takes a bit more work. After printing off my front page I made a couple copies of each cover and grabbed some extra blank sheets of paper for filler pages. All I had in the house was giant tea bags for my iced tea maker (which makes a whole pitcher of tea not just a cup) you can use regular tea bags used for individual cups as well though. Boil some water and steep the tea for a bit until you get a nice dark color. Then place the papers in a cookie pan (with sides). You will probably have to do them one at a time which is what makes this project a bit time consuming. You want them in the pans because tea will stain your counters otherwise. Then either scoop some tea with a spoon and spread it over the paper or else you can use the tea bag to rub the paper directly (just be careful because the bag will rip after a while and make a ginormous mess). Make sure every inch of the paper is wet, you might have to flip the paper over to get the back. Then let it sit for a few minutes so the tea can soak in a bit.

I like to use two or three cookie pans, one to spread the tea on the papers in and the other one or two to bake them. Pre-heat the oven to 200. I transfer my soaked papers (letting the excess tea drip off a bit before I transfer them) to my other baking sheets and bake for about 10-16 minutes. The wetter they are the longer it takes to bake them. The sides will curl up when they are done and the paper won’t be wet anymore. It will be a bit stiff. Make sure to lay them print side UP or else the ink from the words might come off on the pan.

Side note, I’ve heard that you shouldn’t use an ink-jet printer. I’ve got a laser printer and it turns out wonderfully but I’ve heard that if you use ink jet printers the tea will make the ink run.

Once you have all your pages done. I put my front cover on top and I flip over one of my copies (from a different edition just to mix it up a bit) on the bottom.

Daily Prophet 5




Daily Prophet 2Then I just roll them up and tie them with a piece of twine. I like to include the backwards facing bottom page because it can be seen from the side and I thought it made it look just a bit more realistic. if you want to take it a step further you can have writing on all the filler pages too but you really don’t see those like you will see the back page so that’s why I skipped it. You do want to stain all the pages though so the color of all the pages look “aged.” Just play around with it and see what you like best. 🙂

And finally, because I know the first thing kids will want to do is untie the string, I hot glue the twine bow so they can’t untie it.

Daily Prophet 1And that’s it! You’re all set. You can make one or two like I did to start with. But then I loved them so much I made four more. Then have fun putting them out at your party, they will add such a great touch. I might even have one in the bathroom just for fun. lol

Where would you put yours?