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Today is another easy craft as well. I will be making book covers with titles from books mentioned in the Harry Potter books. I feel a bit like the Matrix every time I say that. Or Exhibit from the TV show Pimp My Ride. “We heard you like books so we’re putting books inside your books.” Ok, sorry for that digression. Moving on. I found the printables for free on another blog. You can find them HERE.

Also worth mentioning, I found some really great HP printables on RPF. If you’re not on RPF and you like making stuff from your favorite movies/tv shows then you really need to join RPF. Plus it’s free! If you have no idea what RPF is (and I had no clue until I started scouring the internet for HP decoration ideas) here is what they wrote on their website, it sums them up nicely.

“Build your own replica props, costumes, and models from movies, television, and video games via our community of makers, cosplayers, collectors and film fans.”

I found some great stuff there you just have to dig for it. A user who goes by “HinkyPunk” had a lot of great free printables that I used as well so you can search for them.

Book SpineNow back to our craft. After printing out the covers (on some of the white cardstock I purchased previously) and cutting out the spines, I headed to my local library. They have a little room where they sell used books to raise money for the library. You can always use books you find around the house or at garage sales but I like to support my local library so I buy books there whenever I can (and they’re super inexepensive).


I took my covers with me to find the right size book spines but if you don’t want to do that just look for books with spines that are at least two inches thick. I got some strange looks from the sweet little lady that was manning the payment table. After explaining what I was doing, she pointed me to the deeply discounted books which is where I found most of my books for a quarter. I love my library!

Next I headed to Joann’s. It’s the closest craft store to me but I absolutely adore that place! And I was in luck, they were having a sale on cardstock! Score! I bought a couple packs of different solid colors that I thought would look good with the book spines I printed. I also bought a couple packs of white cardstock because I always need more white cardstock. I even purchased a pack of fun patterned cardstock that I’ve found has come in handy. You can see I used one of the pieces for the cover on one of the books.

Then all I needed was some Washi tape. I bought this at Walmart because it was like a buck cheaper a roll there then anywhere else. I got a few colors that I thought would go well with the rest of the colors. They are also now making duct tape thin like this and in various colors. You can always use that as well.

Washi Tape

I cut the spine cardstock so it was the same length of the book spine I would use it on. But I left the solid color cardstock longer so I could fold it over the top of the book cover. To assemble the book spines I taped the cardstock spine (on the back of the spine) to the edge of one of the pieces of colored cardstock (the back of the cardstock if it’s patterned). Then I did the same to the other side of the spine with another piece of colored cardstock. I used plain scotch tape since it wouldn’t be seen.

Then I wrapped the whole thing around the book and folded and taped down the edges of the colored cardstock inside the book.

Inside of book cover

Once that was done, I taped the washi tape down the seams on the outside of the front and back of the book. Where the colored cardstock and the spine cardstock meet. And viola! My books are done. Although I just found a really cool book with hot glue, tissue paper and shoe polish that I might have to try. If I do and it turns out ok I will post it. 🙂

Here are a couple of the after pictures for you.

Book Cover SetBook Cover Finished