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Ok, so the next project I decided to make, I found online as well and I thought they looked so amazing that I just had to try it! They are dragon eggs. Eeek! But seriously, they are so cool looking you’re going to want to make them too!

I was fortunate enough to find these styrofoam eggs at Joann’s Fabric (love that store) and they were on clearance, huzzah! styrofoam eggs

So I bought two bags of them and they came in various sizes. I chose the biggest ones to do first and then went smaller until I felt like I had enough eggs. But honestly, how can you possibly have to many dragon’s eggs? If you aren’t fortunate enough to find the egg shaped Styrofoam at a local craft store, you can also try making the egg out of paper mache. There was someone on Instagram that did that and the egg turned out well.

Then I bought thumb tacks, which was harder than you might think because most stores no longer carry the plain flat thumb tacks. Oh no, they have to get all fancy and sell the kind with fancy stuff on the end or a huge chunk of plastic. So after finding them at Walgreens (pre-colored in pretty pastel pearlized colors) I began poking them in.

Bottom view of the start of the dragons egg

Half way done with dragons egg

I wouldn’t recommend getting the colored ones unless you buy A TON of them all at once. I couldn’t find these colored ones anywhere but Walgreens and had to visit seven different Walgreen (some stores on multiple occassions) just to get enough to finish one egg. So I recommend just getting all gold or all silver and then spray painting them whatever color you want (though I left one egg gold and one silver because it looks cool that way too).

I started at the bottom of the egg (see the picture with the green tacks) and worked my way around and up the egg. It’s up to you how you want to do the rows, just make sure they overlap (this holds the pins in). I started at the wider end of the egg and that made it easier to glue when I was finished. The last two or three pins that I put in, I dabbed some Styrofoam glue in first before I pushed them in. When it was dry, this kept all my pins secure and only needed a bit of glue.

I had a couple eggs that were a mixture of colors that I decided to spray paint over so they would be all one color. This worked ok, my recommendation is that you do a light layer first and let it dry. Then do another light layer and let it dry. You can do a third coat if necessary, just be careful because spray paint can “melt” Styrofoam if it gets on it so make your coats as light as possible so the paint doesn’t seep in between the tacks.

And that was it, I now have a basket full of super Dragons eggs finishedcool dragons eggs. I will be using them for my fellas’ Harry Potter party but they would work for any other party that involves dragons (e.g. knights, Game of Thrones, etc.)

Was I right or was I right? Aren’t they the coolest?