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Ok, so I am blogging about my event planning shenanigans here on Piazza Parties. What better way to kick this off, then with a Harry Potter Party! #harrypotterparty My fellas made this request for their birthday in a few months and I could not be more thrilled with their choice! I have been scouring the bottomless pit that is Pinterest (and spending waaaay too much time there) to find ideas and have managed to rack up over two hundred pins so far!

I know what you’re thinking, their party is still months away! Why are you starting now crazy lady! Well, you should know this about me. My name is Kara and I’m a plan-aholic. I loooove to plan things! I also get a bit squirmy if I don’t have a project to work on that lets me work out my need to be creative. Since I am so bad at drawing I can’t even draw a bath, this usually equates to crafty stuff.

No craft project can begin without a trip to the store for supplies! Or at least my craft projects can’t. haha So I went to my local WalMart because, let’s be honest, their prices are almost always the lowest and I’m all about saving money where I can!

I picked up just a few items:

More Pictures of Craft Supplies                       Picture of Craft Supplies


I’m very excited to get started! So stay tuned to see what all these glorious supplies turn into!